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    April 11, 2012: Clio Searches for Music—Using Music

    In 2007, Clio founder and principal scientist Dr. Greg Wilder saw a fundamental problem with music search engines: they all required words. So he set out to build an engine that could not only find music based on other music, … Continue reading

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    San Francisco Business Times
    March 23, 2012: Monte Zweben – Bay Area People

    Clio Music’s executive chairman, Monte Zweben, was profiled in the San Francisco Business Times as part of their Bay Area People section that highlights professional recognition, new hires, promotions or board of directors changes in the area. The full press … Continue reading

  • allgeek
    July 29, 2011: Interview Dr. Greg Wilder Founder of Clio Music

    Today I had the privilige to speak with the founder of Orpheus Media Research & Clio Media. If you’re interested in the future of music discovery on the internet, or maybe you’re frustrated with how difficult it is to find … Continue reading

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    July 22, 2011: The future is Clio

    Ever since I met the founders of Clio at South by Southwest, I’ve been eagerly anticipating their product’s impact on the music scene. Their idea automates and expands the Pandora music-matching process, making music discovery both more agile and more … Continue reading

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    July 22, 2011: APM music selects Clio for music catalog

    Orpheus Media Research (OMR), an advanced music research and development company that automates the search, analysis, and discovery of music, announced today that APM Music, North America’s leading production music library and music services company, has chosen Clio™ to enhance … Continue reading

  • gigaom
    July 14, 2011: The best music service you don’t know just got better

    With all the hype swirling around Spotify, the hot European startup that finally launched in America today, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole universe of music services out there. But there are> plenty of others to choose from: … Continue reading

  • TheNextWeb
    June 14, 2011: Will Clio’s AI music streaming software be a game-changer?

    One of Brooklyn’s newest entrepreneurs to hit the scene is Greg Wilder, who along with his co-founder Alison Conard have launched Clio, a music-to-music search and discovery platform, which Wilder describes as “the next game-changing music technology”. Wilder, a conservatory … Continue reading

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    June 6, 2011: Featured Startup Pitch: Orpheus Media Research/Clio – Taking automated music search and discovery to a new level

    Company: Orpheus Media Research (OMR)/Clio Website: Headquarters: New York City Year Founded: 2010 Investors: Self-funded Employees: 4-8 Company description (in 140 characters or less): “Orpheus Media Research is an advanced music research and development company that automates the search, … Continue reading

  • NYConvergence
    June 6, 2011: Brooklyn’s Clio Uses Machine Learning to Challenge Pandora

    Clio is a new Brooklyn-based service for analyzing music that is challenging the methods of The Music Genome Product, conceived by Pandora. The service was founded by Greg Wilder, a pianist who taught himself to code, uses proprietary algorithms to … Continue reading

  • vator
    May 18, 2011: Clio: the algorithmic Music Genome Project

    Orpheus Media Research working on a music discovery platform based in machine learning Technology trends and news by Ronny Kerr If you’re even a little tech-savvy, you’ve probably heard of the Music Genome Project, the technology that powers all of … Continue reading

  • betabeat
    May 18, 2011: Forget Pandora – Brooklyn’s Clio Uses Machine Learning To Recommend Music The Music Genome Project conceived by Pandora is the foundation for one of the most successful streaming radio apps of all time. But any serious audiophile who spends more than few days on the service quickly begins to notice … Continue reading

  • www.hmmagazine
    May 11, 2011: OMR unveils cool new music search platform Orpheus Media Research (OMR) today launched Clio, the only pure music-to-music search and discovery platform designed to overcome the ongoing time, cost and quality challenges presented by the need for metadata in music search. As a result, Clio provides … Continue reading

  • asl
    May 10, 2011: ORPHEUS MEDIA RESEARCH INTRODUCE ‘CLIO’ Orpheus Media Research (OMR), an advanced music research and development company that automates the search, analysis, and discovery of music, has upgraded its existing platform and launched Clio, the only pure music-to-music search and discovery platform that uses music … Continue reading

  • fmqb
    May 9, 2011: Orpheus Media Research (OMR) Orpheus Media Research (OMR), an advanced music research and development company, has upgraded its existing platform and launched Clio, which appears to be a new competitor for Pandora. OMR describes the service as “the only pure music-to-music search and … Continue reading

  • guideme
    April 30, 2011: Are Music Recommendation Services Working?

    April 30, 2011 by Pat McCarthy Back in March the tech blog Mashable discussed the results of a recent survey commissioned by music research and development company Orpheus Media Research. The survery was about how consumers are using music … Continue reading

  • Ideabing
    April 7, 2011: Startup Talk: Mynamusic wants to index the world’s music, the right way

    Remember Google? Yup, Goog is what it is today thanks to its “new” way of indexing the internet. Another startup – Orpheus Media Research wants to change the way music is indexed on the internet through an algorithm so unique … Continue reading

  • Mashable
    March 28, 2011: 20 Essential Online Resources for Finding Music

    The Content Exploration Series is presented by Mashable Explore, a new way to discover resources and information on your favorite Mashable topics. Mashable Explore is brought to you by the all-new, 100% reinvented 2011 Ford Explorer. Drive One. Back in … Continue reading

  • oklahomagazette
    Oklahoma Gazette
    March 25, 2011: Internet, meet Clio

    Streaming music may never be the same While I was in Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest, I was able to talk with Greg Wilder and Alison Conard of Orpheus Media Research. They are touting a service with an April … Continue reading

  • DigitalMusicNews
    Digital Music News
    March 24, 2011: Are Consumers Really Screaming for Better Music Discovery?

    The music discovery space has always been like crack for brainiac PhD entrepreneurs.  It seems like there’s always another startup concocting algorithms and space-age formulas to create the perfect discovery engine.  But are music fans screaming for better discovery, or … Continue reading

  • TechnologyReview
    Technology Review
    March 23, 2011: Music Recommendation Service Makes Friends Obsolete

    Half of us rely on friends to help us find new music. Orpheus Media Research aims to change that. If you’re like me, you used to rely on your friends to tell you which movies were good and which books … Continue reading

  • AugioSilverLining
    Audio Silver Lining
    March 23, 2011: Music Recommendation Survey Shows Some Interesting Results…

    Orpheus Media Research, creators of the  Myna music recognition tool which I covered a while back here on ASL have today revealed the results of their recent survey into music recommendation tools. The survey, which polled 500 US consumers (and … Continue reading

  • Mashable
    March 23, 2011: Just How Helpful Are Music Recommendation Services? [SURVEY]

    According to a new survey commissioned by music research and development company Orpheus Media Research, more and more people are using music recommendation services, but those users are not wholly satisfied with the results. As we have noted time and … Continue reading

  • TheMusicVoid
    The Music Void
    March 14, 2011: EXCLUSIVE TMV Q & A: Orpheus Media Research/MYNA

    Last week I spoke with Alison Conard COO, and Greg Wilder CSO from a dynamic new machine based recommendation start-up called Orpheus Media Research. They will be in attendance at SXSW this week in Austin Texas demoing their music search … Continue reading

  • radioink

    3/2011 More Great Ammo for GM’s, SM’s and AE’s. The latest Orpheus Media Research report is out and contrary to what people at the musicFIRST coalition would have you believe radio is still the “greatest single influence of their … Continue reading

  • www.musicko
    February 15, 2011: Myna Music – Discover Music Through Music

    by EMILIO on FEBRUARY 15, 2011 The music recommendation services that we have today invariably revolve around one thing: metadata keywords. And one has to wonder, is it really so difficult to come up with something that little more … Continue reading

  • erichradstake
    Erich Radstake
    January 19, 2011: Myna Music Feature: Startup of the Day

    Today’s interner startuo Myna Music can be called a ‘iTunes Genius’ on steroids. Thanks to a wicked smart team of composers and technology, Myna can automatically scan a library of music tracks and make connections based on mood, texture, note pattern, … Continue reading

  • TheNextWeb
    The Next Web
    January 8, 2011: Myna Takes Recommendation to the Next Level

    Recent times have seen the emergence of a range of sophisticated technology around music recommendation which uses analytical tools to match and suggest tracks, essentially making it easier for the listener to have a consistent and favoured experience when kicking … Continue reading

  • flyingkite
    Flying Kite Media
    October 15, 2010: The Inside Pitch at Switch

    On some level, the first Switch Philadelphia conference last Wednesday was cursed. After booking the historic Levitt Auditorium at University of the Arts months ago, organizers learned that the Philadelphia Phillies would face the Cincinnati Reds in the first game … Continue reading

  • geekadelphia
    October 13, 2010: Switch Philly: Technically Philly’s Event An Epic Success

    Simply put: Switch Philly was awesome. As a member of the tech scene here in Philadelphia I’ve had the privilege to mingle with some truly brilliant minds. It’s become almost commonplace for me to get a first hand account of … Continue reading

  • TechnicallyPhilly
    Technically Philly
    September 29, 2010: Myna Music is iTunes Genius on Steroids

    If you’ve ever hit the “next” button on Pandora, you’ve likely been wowed by the service’s ability to dig up music that you like based on the “seed” artist you give. However, in order to draw connections between songs, Pandora relies on … Continue reading

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    Serve Well and Be Well Served
    September 27, 2010: Myna Music

    I am currently checking out a very promising new service called Myna Music by Orpheus Media Research which makes it easy to discover music using music. Given the subjective nature of tagging, the usual way to search using metadata (keywords, … Continue reading

  • AugioSilverLining
    Audio Silver Lining
    September 24, 2010: Introducing – Myna Music

    Sometimes I come across technologies here at ASL that cannot fail to impress and Myna Music from Philadelphia based Orpheus Media Research is most certainly one of these. Essentially Myna is a cloud based solution that allows you to search … Continue reading

  • IndieMusicTech
    Indie Music Tech
    September 21, 2010: Automated Search by Sound Engine

    Myna is a new kind of search engine that listens to, analyzes and indexes music based on mood, sound and texture, automatically and continuously comparing songs to provide accurate and relevant search results through cognition. This kind of search-by-sound allows … Continue reading