Why Clio?

Clio goes beyond the limitations of categories, cultural context, and keywords to provide comprehensive search results and personalized playlists based on the intrinsic qualities of music. Every song is treated equally regardless of popularity, style or genre, providing the highest quality music discovery experience available today.

Unlimited by words

Clio's music-to-music approach transcends traditional search, allowing words to refine, not define, music search and discovery.  Whether you gather keywords from millions of public sources around the web or manually tag music one piece at a time, words will never adequately describe the deeply personal response we have to music. The ability to conduct pure music search means every piece of music defines its own unique mood, texture, and meaning. Clio allows music to speak for itself.

Unrestricted scalability

In the past, each new song had to be individually tagged, and customized playlists were built by hand. With access to Clio’s automated analysis, new music can be added to your catalogs as quickly as your business demands. Millions of tracks can be analyzed and ready for discovery in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or months.

Unprecedented control

Although Clio provides an unparalleled lean-back experience, some users prefer to take the reins and control their musical landscape. For those users, Clio's mood-matching algorithm can be expanded to allow isolated control over elements like perceived tempo, performance energy, groove, and mood. Want more intensity from the music? Simply brighten the mood and dial up the performance energy. Want a playlist based on a particular drum feel? Lock the groove in place and get your dance on.

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