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Your Guide to the Musical Afterlife

One of the most fascinating reasons to study musical language is to try and develop an understanding of the influence certain pieces of music can have on the greater musical and cultural landscape over time. Every avid musical listener intuitively … Continue reading

How Many Data Points Can You Hear?

We’re often asked, “How many musical data points does Clio capture?” A good question, but one that doesn’t have a simple answer… The thing is, Clio’s process is much smarter than that. Instead of mindlessly extracting a slew of spectral … Continue reading

Predicting Memories (and other amazing tricks…)

While nobody knows quite how human memory works on a biological level, it’s clear that our memory function is responsible for much more than just our ability to recognize people, places, and things.  For example: Lists. Of course our memory … Continue reading

Musical Motive

To begin to explain the many ways that musical understanding has contributed to Clio’s adaptive algorithms, let’s take a look at the smallest identifiable musical unit with its own unique musical identity: the musical motive. Here’s a particularly famous motive … Continue reading

Clio Introduction

Music: we know it when we hear it, we know what we like, and we remember it more easily than we do other things (ABC’s, anyone?). You may be saying, “Nice work, Captain Obvious,” but when we ask why and … Continue reading

Comparative Costs: Manual Metatagging vs. Myna Automation

Here at OMR we recently set out to compare the costs of enabling “instant, personalized radio” using the manual process of leading music discovery systems vs. Myna’s automated system. What’s the time and cost associated with the old way of … Continue reading